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The North Carolina Palomino Exhibitors Association, Inc. (NCPEA) was chartered in June of 1967, as an affiliate State association of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Inc. (PHBA).  We are a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of North Carolina. 
Our purpose is to improve and foster the breeding, registration, and showing of Palomino horses, and to provide means for improving the Palomino breed by furthering the interest of Palomino owners and breeders through the national organization, Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Inc.

PHBA was formed in 1941 with the original intent to register and improve horses standing between fourteen and seventeen hands tall, that exhibited a body color, with variations from light to dark, of a newly minted U S fourteen karat gold coin.  Palomino horses registered with American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, American Holsteiner Horse Association, Pinto Horse Association of America, Appaloosa Horse Club, Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds), American Saddlebred Horse Associaion, Arabian and Half Arabian Horse Association, American Morgan Horse Association, Mountain Pleasure Horse Association, Morabs, Quarabs, Missouri Fox Trotters, and Rocky Mountain Horses are eligible for registration with PHBA provided the horse meets the color and white rules.

PHBA also recognizes Palomino Bred horses through their Palomino Bred Registry.  This provides an opportunity for horses that have a palomino parent to be part of the Palomino family.  The Palomino Bred Registry (PB) was developed to provide an avenue of recognition and competition for PHBA offspring which either are off-color or are lacking the ideal coat and mane & tail characteristics, and thereby do not meet the regular PHBA registration guidelines. Horses seeking PB registration must have one parent registered with PHBA (not including the PB registry) and the other parent is registered in a PHBA recognized equine registry.   

There are many wonderful programs for Palomino and PB owners who may not want to show.  Some of these programs are the Golden Trails Recreational Riding Program, the Palomino Incentive Program, and the Palomino Performance Program.

The Golden Trails Recreational Riding Program is a saddle-log program that rewards and recognizes PHBA members for their time spent riding or driving their favorite horse regardless of the horse’s color.  The program recognizes those individuals who daily or weekly ride or drive horse(s)-whether it be in the backyard, on the trails, training for shows, parades or ranch work etc.

The Palomino Incentive Program is an investment and incentive program offered by PHBA for all stallion owners and their Palomino foals registered with PHBA.  Owners and breeders of Palomino Horses earn annual cash rewards based on points earned at PHBA approved shows.

Palomino Performance Program (P3) allows PHBA members and their registered Palomino Horses to earn points in events outside the PHBA approved competition.  Palomino horses have been competing and winning in the world’s toughest all breed contests for many years, often seen in National Cutting Horse, Reining, and National Snaffle Bit Association events.  Palominos contend in AQHA horse shows, 4-H pony clubs, various rodeo associations, and United States Equestrian Federation events.

We love our golden horses and those that help to create them. NCPEA is a warm and welcoming group no matter your interest or level of participation.  We strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere and provide equal opportunities for all our members to participate in shows, clinics, trail rides, or fellowship activities.

For more information on the national organization, and how you can get involved, please visit the Palomino Horse Breeders Association, Inc website here: https://www.palominohba.com/