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Golden Year End Award Program

(Show Season Jan 1st – Dec 31)

In an attempt to grow NCPEA, as well as provide more opportunities for Palomino and Palomino Bred horse owners to campaign for year end awards, we have created the Golden Year End Award Program.  This program is open to anyone! 
Once you fill out the form and pay the enrollment fee, you become eligible to compete for the NCPEA Year End Awards, in any division.  Points will be earned based on placing and the number of horses in the class.
These points use the same scale as national PHBA points and will be tabulated based on the horse/exhibitor combination.  The horse may have multiple exhibitors, in accordance with PHBA rules, but each individual exhibitor will need to fill out a form and pay their respective fee before points will begin accruing.  Family includes immediate family or spouses only.

As an example: 
Sally Sue wants to show in the Adult Walk/Trot and Walk/Jog divisions and compete for NCPEA Year End Awards with her horse, Goldie.  She fills out the form and pays her fee.
There is a youth, Mindy, at her barn who also wants to show Goldie at the NCPEA shows and wants her points to count for Youth Year End Awards.  PHBA allows Youth to show anyone’s horse, so Mindy will need to fill out her own Golden Ticket form and pay her fee before her points will count.
If Mindy buys her own horse or someone else offers her another horse to show, then she does not need to pay again, because she has already been enrolled.

If Sally Sue’s trainer, Peter, wants to show Goldie in the Open classes and have those points count, then he will need to fill out a form and pay his fee before they will count.  However, once he has paid and enrolled, Peter can show any of his client’s horses at the show and those points will cont toward the Open Year End Awards.

Download the form on our Forms page or click here:  NCPEA Golden Year End Awards Form

There are requirements for qualification for the Year End Awards that can be found here: NCPEA Golden Year End Awards Program Requirements

You may also download the full document here:  NCPEA Golden Year End Awards Program